Hi everyone,

For those who are wondering what is happening with the Deaf Motorist United (DMU) group, Brenda Palmigiano and I agreed to do a 2012 update of what has been happening and where we are at this time. There are a few additional changes that happened as well.

For one, for those who live in New York State, Binghamton’s Southern Tier Independence Center (STIC) found a new Assembly to sponsor this bill known as A09309. His name is Micah Kellner. He has disability and is a strong speaker in Albany.  At the same time, we spoke with Senator Joe Robach who pushed this bill, S09309, last year. He said that he will do the same thing this year. So, this is good news for all of us!  Let’s waive hands for STIC advocates!!

Anyway, below is the video blog that Brenda and I created with an update of what is happening. We hope that this helps you see where we are at this time.

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate

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