Deaf Motorist United (DMU) is a Facebook Group is a group of people who are either a trucker, desire or supporter to any kind of moving automobile.  Currently, most of our members are deaf or hard of hearing.

Our members together worked hard to help National wide Deaf organizations work with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to allow people with over 40 DB hearing loss with a hearing aid to drive a truck.  Mainly, we found that driving trucks was about skills not hearing.

DMU members and supporters successfully got the FMCSA to give a waiver to 40 deaf truckers.  And, we still have the mission to remove the regulations that prevent deaf truckers from driving trucks because we believe driving trucks is about skills not hearing.

This is the first post and we look forward to working with you in the future.  Our Facebook Group can be found in below link:

Join us on our mission to remove the US DOT FMCSA regulations 391.11(2), 391.41(b)(11), and 391.43(EARS) from all Class A drivers.

Thank you,

DMU Team


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